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HOPE Art Work by Hattie Spice

A creative community hub for all of your creative needs



If you haven't seen the dust clouds or heard the banging and drilling then here is the official announcement: "July 2021

Afri-Co-Lab open's its doors to the community of St Leonards-On-Sea and the surrounding areas".

Living up to our upcycling philosophy we've collected, borrowed, and nabbed from the scrap heap; to build a brand new creative community hub.  With help, we have built dedicated workshop facilities, fit-in co-working desks, retail space, plus a bit of studio hire too!

We really want to showcase the beautiful things you make, share all of the fabulous things you dream about, and help you bring your ideas to life.​


  • We want to bring the community in, to dream, create and make with us.

  • We want to fill the space with beautiful things to sell.

How will this work?

Let's figure it out together!

We could work it out by ourselves for ourselves, but that’s not very community-minded. Come and talk with us, we want Afri-Co-Lab to work for the community and you!

Drop us a line to find out more and register your interest:

File_001 (2).jpeg


RETAIL SPACE - Are you a local maker, designer, artist, or creative other looking for a  space to sell your creations? Our seafront location, with a large shop window, might be the affordable solution for you.  We are a brand new, not-for-profit organisation looking to promote and showcase local makers. Let's chat and see what we can make happen together.

MAKERSPACE - Attention workshop leaders, looking for somewhere to host your events, then Afri-Co-Lab might be right up your seafront.  With large communal tables and seating for up to 22 drop us a line and see what we can do for your activities.

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