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What's It All About

Come and Chill at Afri-Co-Lab, while we dig into the heated phrase "Playing The Race Card" using collage. Led by the Afri-Co-Lab team and Playing The Race Card Exhibition Director Claudine Eccleston, we will explore how 25 UK Black artists have creatively responded to this contested statement.


Doesn't matter if art is not your thing, perhaps you want to try something different or meet new people. Collage & Chill is all about the banter, sharing thoughts and trying something new

Your pace!

Your Style!

The Small Print:

  • Who: This workshop is for Black and People of Colour aged 14-18

  • Where: This workshop will take place onsite at Afri-Co-Lab

       Afri-Co-Lab is located in the Marina, right by the sea!

  • When: Sunday 9th October from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

  • Cost: This workshop is free, drinks and snacks are included

  • How: Book your space HERE spaces are limited so don’t leave it too late!

  • What do I need: Nothing - all equipment will be provided

  • Questions: Drop us an email at mail@playingtheracecard or reach out on Instagram @playingtheracecard

Meet Your Workshop Leaders

Lillian Babirye

Lilly Babirye along with sister Anna Maria Nabirye are co-founders of Afri-Co-Lab, a creative sustainable community interest company. Its mission is to empower and make space for culture and creativity for all. Lilly is an artist with a background in Fashion Design and & Fine Art, she also currently develops communication and participation programmes for the London Science Museum.  Working with her sister they have developed community arts programmes and events for Black Cultural Archives, POP Brixton, V&A, The Southbank Centre, WOW Festival, and Brighton Museum.

Claudine Eccleston
Claudine Eccleston created Playing the Race Card project as a tool to explore and challenge this diminishing term when calling out racist behaviours. She's retired from Children's Social work specialising in life story work and supporting young people to participate in the creative arts. She's worked in partnership with Tate Britain and the Guildhall School of music. In 2020, Claudine co-founded and was emcee for Hastings Rally against Racism which drew a-thousand plus audience, as a response to the public killing of George Floyd.

Collage & Chill

The Playing The Race Card Edition!

A picture is worth 1000 words.  What words will your artwork produce?

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