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Collage & Chill

Elaine Mullings

Elaine Mullings Just Don’t Go Without Me! (Night), 2013. Limited Edition Screen Print

It does exactly what it says on the tin!

Join us for an evening of creative reflection through the art of collage.

Using magazines, fabrics, wallpaper, banana leaf and whatever paper-like materials we can find. Cut and combine images and textures to reflect the world as you feel it.

Elaine Mullings Just Don’t Go Without Me! (Night), 2013. Limited Edition Screen Print
Collage&Chill Payment


2024 dates Coming Soon!


We operate a sliding payment scale, pick what suits your pocket best:

  • £15 - This costs a bit more but helps us to offer a concessionary rate across all of our events

  • £10 - There is a standard ticket price

  • £5 - Concessions, if you need it please use it

Join local artist Elaine Mullings for an evening of Collage + Chill. Elaine will kick off the night with a series of exercises and provocations to get your creativity flowing, which will then lead into creating your very own collage piece. Each month there will be new themes, exercises, materials and opportunity to develop your skills and confidence. This session is for adults of all abilities, newbies and seasoned artists alike.

Tea and snacks provided. 

The Making + Creating

Mullings’ art practice centres on sculpture, 3D installation and printmaking. Her work reflects on the politics of racial injustice, predatory capitalism and exploitation. The ever-shifting value of every day ‘things’ is another constant theme in her work. Materiality and geometry also feature regularly.

Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 16.55.17.png

Fragility and the value of ‘things’ are recurring themes in my practice.
The familiar nature of my sculpture and installations reflects an interest in architectural spaces while the varied cast of materials I use are designed to unravel the emotional and cultural values woven into ‘things’. Assembling and manipulating familiar objects and materials, I want to push beyond simple metaphor and sentiment to question perceptions of certain objects and materials that linger in the background of our everyday lives.

Working with anything from tissue paper and plastic bags to copper pipe and broken glass – delicate or fragile ‘things’ that hover like residual low level noise - I interrogate the emotions and sensations that seemingly ‘low value’, ephemeral material can provoke. Divorcing these ‘things’ from their original contexts I attempt to deal with complex and difficult subjects such as exploitation, prejudice and injustice. The aim is to unsettle our understanding of the familiar and provoke our responses to the 'strange'.


Photography by Charles Osaji /South Coast Squared for We Out Here


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