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WE did it!
Opening Our Doors Crowdfunder
22nd November 11am-5pm

We asked for our communities help to crowdfund for 5 weeks in July to open our doors once a week for our community.

And WOW everyone really showed up! Thank for you helping us smash our target and supporting us to support all of us with this Open House inititave. 

The ask

The Answer...

The Events...

 As we come to the end of this crowdfunding month

-join us for the final push!


We are holding an arts, craft and maker auction showcasing the most exciting and creative artists and makers across Hastings, St Leonards, Eastbourne and beyond! Original works, limited edition prints, Letterpress, handmade skincare​ products, commissioned wearable art! We will be selling it all to push us over the line of our crowdfunder. All the work has been lovingly donated.


Please come​ down and grab yourself an exclusive art work whilst supporting your local creative dreaming space. All of these festivities will be headed by the infamous Lorna Hamilton-Brown and Claudine Eccleston​ - the banter ​alone will be priceless. Don't miss this once in a lifetime event!!

The work!
More Images to come. click to find out more

The Goal

This Crowdfunder will let us open our doors one day a week, inviting you, the community in to gather, meet, make friends and get creative. If we reach our targets, East Sussex County Council will match our total, and we will also be able to buy six sewing machines and be on route to launch our Sewing Club + Dare 2 Repair this winter!!

Two Black women standing outside Afri-Co-Lab creative community space

Join us
and find out more

You know we like a party! Any reason to gather, see old friends and meet new ones! So we are using our Crowdfunder as way to meet more people and let more people sample who we are whilst having a great time and raising lots of mulla for our campaign. 

Check out the free events below. do book in advance so we know you are coming and bring a friend who has never been to an Afri-Co-Lab event!

Crowdfunder events

The Rewards

We would love to say a massive thank you to all our supporters near and far

At Afri-Co-Lab, we are passionate about creating intentional creative spaces for our community to feel at home in, come together and explore and dream. Help our community express themselves and make meaningful connections. 

We are offering rewards for those who want to support our mission.

Every donation, no matter the size, makes a huge difference. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a variety of rewards such as a £10 thank you shout out on our socials, an Afri-Co-Lab make and create kit for £20, and even a private Collage + Chill session for £250. check out out fundraising page for he full details.


The Plans

What Will we do

We will open our doors once a week for no other purpose than to provide held space to gather.  Pop in for a quick cuppa or stay all day, bring your laptop and jump on our wifi or read and use our growing collection of books.

What Will It Bring 

  • A place to meet new people and gather with local friends

  • A place to combat loneliness and encourage cultural cohesion

  • A Black run space for Black and Global Majority communities and white allies to meet and gather

  • A place that supports digital inclusion with free wifi access 

  • A place for peer to peer learning and mentoring from other users and Afri-Co-Lab's staff and volunteer champions

space small.jpg
Teamies sml.jpg


We never thought we would get this far.

Thank you for the belief and love. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us!

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