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Free mini-making workshops at Afri-Co-Lab
Team Afri-Co-Lab invites you UpCycle Your Life using a traditional Ugandan material - Bark Cloth

This ancient fabric has been around for over a thousand years and yes it is made from a tree!

Come discover, play and weave yourself something new using something borrowed and ancient too!


Join Team Afri-Co-Lab for an evening of crafting Ugandan style.  In this workshop, we’ll explore Ugandan Barkcloth - An ancient Ugandan fabric made from the inner bark of fig trees!


Ugandan sisters Lilly & Anna will share their family stories of Ugandan Bark Cloth traditions.  Sharing traditional Ugandan weaving techniques, you will also have the unique opportunity to work with Ugandan Bark Cloth to weave your own bookmark.


Finally, no crafting evening is complete without a brew, so we will be serving lots of tea with a Ugandan twist.

By the evening's end, you’ve learned loads about Ugandan Bark Cloth, had a go at some traditional Ugandan weaving techniques, and met a bunch of new folks!


Ugandan sisters Anna and Lilly will guide you, turning fabrics gathered from all over Africa into glorious greeting cards for you and your friends.

Find out more about different African fabrics, how they are made, where they are from, and the stories behind the patterns on a journey across the continent of Africa.

Afrocentric, Ankara, Kitenga, Kente! Let’s chat about them all and then weave these fabulous fabrics into greeting card, one for you to give and one for you to keep!

By the end of the session, you’ll have woven yourself two fab greeting cards and spent time with new folks, all with a hint of our Uganglish-flavour


11 AM - 2 PM


  1. Workshops are free 

  2. There are a limited number of spaces, advance booking recommended

  3. The workshops will be held in person at Afri-Co-Lab

  4. The workshops are for residents of St Leonards-On-Sea and the surrounding area only

  5. You must be 16+ to take part in the Weave-A-Bookmark workshop

  6. Under 18’s are welcome to join but must have permission from their guardian

  7. Weave-A-Card is for all ages, under 14’s will need an adult with them

  8. The UpCycle Your Life workshop series is supported by Good Stuff In St Leonards, a creative programme of activities and events led by local residents. 

If you have questions about any of the above, don’t worry get in touch via:

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