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When The Day Met The Night
The Night Met The Day

An Audio Piece, A Theatrical Experience, A Community Creation 

Part of Hastings Last Thursdays

March 31st 5:30pm & 7pm

Come and be transported

When The Day Met the Night

And The Night Met the Day

The Spring Equinox is upon us - a moment in time when the day is equal to night,  announcing the arrival of Spring.
Nature is awakening, the dead of winter is over and life appears once more. Another year. The journey continues. 
When The Day Met the Night And The Night Met the Day was a promenade, audio piece made with a community cast, led by artists Darragh O'Leary, Anna-Maria Nabirye & Ted Barrow. 
It was experienced on the move around Marine Court in St Leonards-On-Sea as the streets and land marks of St Leonards itself become our stage..





Deanne Naula

Nichelle Kelleher

Allie K Stewart

Adele Bates

Claudine Ecceleston

Ted Barrow

Darragh O'Leary

Anna-Maria Nabirye

Lillian Babirye


DARRAGH O'LEARY for being an amazing co-director and having the perfect balance of creativity and organisational skills, TED BARROW for being a beautiful creative responsive sound designer and operator, DEANNE NAULA for bringing Spring to life through dance and shedding covid in time for the show, NICHELLE KELLEHER for writing and performing a beautiful piece of text and playing outside of her comfort zone to create a special piece, ALLIE K STEWART for commitment to the process and creating a playful physical scene and still performing through a snow storm, ADELE BATES for coming back to the process after covid and moving house and shaping a new character in one rehearsal,  CLAUDINE ECCLESTON for jumping in when our company were off with covid and shaping a beautiful nuanced performance whilst in a bed in a carpark, HOME LIVE ART for commissioning us a partner. KATY BAIRD for support, trust and rehearsal space when Afri-Co-Lab was not available. ANNA McCRICKARD for great producing, problem solving and supporting in the cold and wind on the day, NORA-KAY-CHARLOTTE-KATE-ALEX for being the best stewards and keeping the audience safe, LUCY & RENATA science museum explainers for explaining the science behind the Spring Equinox, THE WHITE ROCK THEATRE for last minute rehearsal space- what a treat to work in a theatre, ST LEONARDS SAILING CLUB for stepping in at the last minute so we had a warm comfy green room for the cast, CAF FEAN for knowing everyone and putting us in touch with the sailing club, HSL for allowing us to use their carpark as a location, THE FACTION theatre company for the loan of masses of white fabric, KASSA'S for being a great affordable local option so we could feed everyone within our budget, DAN HOPE for recording harmonics on 5 different instruments, fixing our floor late night after rehearsals- carry things, collecting things and not minding our house being upside down for 2 weeks, CHARLES from SOUTH COAST SQUARED for being am amazing sensitive self sufficient videographer and capturing the whole thing whilst not intruding on the live experience, OUR MUM for coming down making tea for 50 odd people- making hot water bottles and generally being on the charm offensive, IAN from STUDIO FRAMES for the fridge space, NECESSITY for funding and helping us pay our bills. And THE FOLKS OF ST LEONARDS & HASTINGS for showing up and being an amazing audience despite the cold and epic winds. 

  Behind The Scenes       

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