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Meet Our Wonderful Makers + Artists

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Dorcas Creates

DorcasCreates is a UK based illustration brand that creates uplifting and bold products that center and celebrate Black women, including greeting cards, art prints and jewellery.

Each DorcasCreates piece is vibrant and colourful; capturing Black womanhood and Black girl joy.

Dorcas Magbadelo is the artist behind DorcasCreates - largely self taught; Dorcas uses bold colours and patterns, taking many elements from her Nigerian heritage to create powerful and striking illustrations.


Wing & Wild

St. Leonards based creative Hayley Wolfe repurposes artefacts, which once collected dust in attics and sheds, into beautiful Terrariums and mesmerising butterfly clocks and jewellery. The terrariums now house mini jungles in demijohns long since used as vessels for cider and wine. Each clock and piece of jewellery is reimagined from antique trays that were common souvenirs from Brazil in the 1920s and ‘30s. These delicate wings can be dated with the newspaper scraps used to mount them to the wooden trays, so we can be sure that these wings are almost a century old. They are now set under glass or preserved in resin, ready to enjoy for another 100 years.

Blue Morpho Jewellery CollectionWingswild4.heic


Hand made soaps, creams, candles and oil blends from natural ingredients

Morokoth Fournier des Corats

Morokoth Fournier des Corats is a British Cambodian-French artist and illustrator. She was born and raised in London and is now based in Hastings, UK. Her projects are deeply influenced by nature, heritage and memories, often drawing from her cultural roots and travels. Her ideas have manifested into editorial, design, and illustration. She's currently exploring the decorative arts, taking on private commissions.

Morokoth 2 Etna print.jpeg

Ted Barrow

Ted Barrow is an audio engineer, sound designer and musician who likes to breath new life into redundant technologies by updating or repurposing old technologies for a new life. He is also a circuit bender and uses this un-engineering approach to modify audio and video equipment. He also enjoys 'Massive Destructive Editing' old media items to create new music and artworks


Erica Wordsmith

Graphic designer, visual artist, necklace maker and wordsmith. Likes cycling, colour and the other.


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