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Yoga For deep Rest And Recovery
with janice kate fisher

Five Week Yoga Courses For Every Body.
Sundays - 11 am to 12:15 pm | Starting 29th October 2023

Book your spot by 20th of October to enjoy our early bird booking discounts!             

Following on from Everybody Yoga Retreats, we are excited to share with you our new five-week Every Body Positive Yoga courses.  The courses, as always are gentle and restorative, time for your body to rest and recover from the hectic-ness of life.

Join Body Positive Yoga led by the amazing Janice Kate Fisher for a gentle and supportive yoga course. Perfect for those new to yoga, returning to yoga or who fancy slowing down. You'll gain confidence starting with the basics and never be asked to do a move that doesn't feel right for you.

When you come to class, you can use the mats and cleaning spray provided by Afri-Co-Lab, but if you prefer, feel free to bring your own mat. And if you happen to own a yoga bolster, we recommend bringing that along too!

Course 1 - 11 am to 12:15 pm


Session 1 -  Sunday 29th October
Exploring gentle warm up stretching and body awareness, creative ways to get up and down off the mat, and slow and accessible sun salutations.


Session 2 - Sunday 5th November
Meditative forward bending

Session 3 - Sunday 12th November
Open hearted back bends 

Session 4 - Sunday 19th November
Chats about upside downness. Exploring wall or bolster supported leg inversions. Lying on the mat with our legs inverted against the wall has so many incredible benefits for the spine, lower back, legs, heart, and most of all stimulates the rest response in the nervous system.

Session 5 - Sunday 26th November
Let’s bring this all together with a sequence of poses enjoying all the practices explored in 1-4 as a complete sequence ending with a gorgeous deep guided relaxation practice 

These yoga sessions are for EVERY BODY but we especially welcome folks in fat bodies, super fat bodies, infinifat bodies, queer, trans and gender non conforming bodies, Black and Brown bodies, older bodies, disabled bodies and anyone who feels more comfortable in body diverse spaces.


29th October to 26th November
11 am to 12.15 pm
We have a sliding scale of prices to make all classes as accessible as possible. 

£75 Pay It Forward (£65 - Early Bird Price)

This ticket costs a bit more but helps us to provide concessionary rates

Early Bird offer: Book and pay for your course by 6th September and enjoy £10 off!

£50 Standard (£45 - Early Bird Price)

This is our full-price ticket

Early Bird offer: Book and pay for your course by 6th September and enjoy £5 off!

£25 Concessions

This ticket is our concessionary rate, if you need it please use it


Hi I’m Janice (they/them) a body positive, fat friendly yoga teacher 


I have over 30 years of yoga experience in Classical Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda tradition which I have been teaching for 20 years. More recently in my own practice I have been exploring yoga for deep rest and healing, namely Restorative Yoga, Accessible Yoga and Yoga Nidra which have had a huge influence on my offerings as well.


Because I have fibromyalgia which is a hidden disability, and because I am fat I don’t at all fit the usual image of the acrobatic, thin, white, bendy, physically fit yoga teacher/practitioner despite over 30 years of yoga practice. In fact I am actively committed to working against that false representation and in my teaching practice I actively reach out to students who also do not fit this stereotype.  


I love supporting people via yoga through transitional life phases and conditions such as menopause, chronic fatigue, burnout, fibromyalgia, ageing, addiction recovery, pregnancy, gender transition, weight gain, grief, emotional recovery from abortion or miscarriage, depression, illness and injury, to name a few. Yoga can be a powerfully supportive and profoundly gentle tool for everyone as we navigate society, capitalism, our own body, health, loss and life. 



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